Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks to my husband...

On facebook people are doing a little thing... "Today I am thankful for....." and putting it on their status. Once a day from now until Thanksgiving. I decided to join in, but with a twist. I am using my daily thankfuls to remind myself of all the wonderful things my husband does and stands for. I am trying to them from things he did or expressed on the day I post it to make it more meaningful. Not just some generic thanks that everyone can come up with.

Here I am going to compile those facebook posts and publish them on or around Thanksgiving.
I have a few personal goals in doing this little venture. 1) that I will be more thankful for him. 2) that others may look at their spouses, friends, and family with more thankful eyes.

11/10 - I am thankful for a husband who will skip through parking lots with me arm in arm and sing "we're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz" :D  Yup did it in the church parking lot on the way to the van from dropping the kids off for choir. He did this little skip thing himself and I was about to bark at him for looking goofy, when something clicked in my brain and said WHY NOT...I grabbed his arm and he instantly started skipping with me as we sang.

11/11 - I am thankful for a husband who gets out of bed every morning 6 days a week and goes to work to bring "home the bacon". Even when he sleeps in an extra 2 hours.... ;)  Yes he slept in on this day 2 hours. I normally allow myself to become frustrated with him when he does this. Today I choose to be thankful that he is a good provider. There is always enough money to pay the bills and he either works over or works extra on Saturday. This week even gets an extra 8 hours pay for his wooped dee doo if he sleeps in 2 hours :).

11/12 - Today, On a garbage day that my husband finally remembers to take the garbage down to the road. I am reminded that I am THANKFUL that he is FORGETFUL. His forgetful nature allows him to forget MY sins. I have done so many aweful horrible sinful things TO my husband and he is gracious and forgetful enough to wipe my slat clean. My mind never escapes the things I have done to him, but his does. Thank you God for giving me a husband perfect for me.

11/13 Today I am thankful for a husband who lets me be me, and loves me anyway.

11/14 Today I am thankful for a husband who will parent his children while I go out for lunch and a movie :D

11/15 Yesterday I was on, but not so awake to life. So, I forgot to put up my "thankful message" Yesterday I was thankful for a husband who allows me the freedom to talk to whoever I want as late as I want.

11/16 Today I am thankful for a husband who made me breakfast in bed...even the totally weird combination of unsalted soft pretzel with cold pizza sauce and scrambled eggs. Dunno where that idea came from but that's what he brought me. hehe

11/17 Today I am thankful for a husband who hunts deer, shot one and tracked it for hours with him to no aval :( but we live to hunt another day.

11/18 Today I am thankful for a husband who cut the brownies I made...ya pretty shallow but's it all I got tonight..feeling rather negative and trying hard to not be.

11/19 struggling today with this.... Today I am thankful for a husband who took the garbage down to the road...afraid that means he might be getting a better memory. Lord keep his eyes for me free from my sins. Help him to keep forgetting my sin nature.

11/20 Thankful for my husband who is out back hunting..but won't get mad when I send a boy back there in a few to tell him me and the boy need to go to the chiropractor...corey needs x-rays this time and not gona take all the kids. He flipped off the couch rather weird a week or so ago and it's still bothering him. anywho...I know he wont get mad..thinking positive here :) lol

11/21 oops forgot my thankful message again yesterday :( soo. Today I am thankful for a husband who is willing to shave a balloon. Had a Family movie, PJ night at the church. With intermission games. Lindsey shaved a ballon...all ballon games. fun fun fun.

11/22 Today I am thankful for a husband who loves work so much that he got up this morning before me, got dressed for work, got in his car, drove down the road to work, until he heard the radio station say it was time for Hymn time country..LOL. btw he doesn't work Sundays.

11/23 Today I am thankful for a husband who put his daughter to bed tonight.

11/24 did that whole forget to do my thankful message again thing...but this time I forgot tuesday and was about to forget wednesdays... so Tuesday- I am thankful for a husband who is just gona have to understand that I am gona be pissy for awhile.

11/25 Today I am thankful for a husband that annoys me thoroughly.

Well that concludes my list..I am sorry I am not in a very loving mood tonight..but I dont see that changing anytime just deal.

Hope you enjoyed my list. I enjoyed digging in my brain on some days to come up with a meaningful thankful thing that happened on that day..not just some stand by generic thankful thing.


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