Monday, November 9, 2009


I have a thousand things swimming threw my head that I have thought of writing about today. I have hard time picking just one.

I decided since today is the anniversary of my parents death and so many of my friends have been doing these "x random things about me" things. I was talking to a friend about memories and I am going to do a X random things about my dad blog. So here it goes. As I remember him.

1. He often fell asleep in odd places. Once falling into the open and on oven. He burnt his butt for that one.  Often falling off the toilet when he fell asleep there!

2. He wore bib overalls all the time. Even to my sister wedding. He just put the suit coat that he wore in HIS wedding over top of it. He could not button the suit coat, of course. As he wieghed about 100 plus lbs more than when HE got married.

3. I loved it when he sang Ted Nugents "Cat Scratch Fever".

4. He liked watching know the one with Hulk Hogan and Andre' the Giant. When wrestling was good.

5. He played the lotto faithfully and never won big.

6. He was a great hunter. He taught me how.

7. He got drunk with his friends one day and decided to dig us a Then built a new bedroom and bathroom over the hole. He dug the whole thing by hand...of course it was not done in one day.

8. He loved to fish. From a dock, from a boat, ice fishing...he loved it all. He had a really cool homemade ice shanty. I loved ice skating around the shanty when I did not feel like fishing.

9. My mom and aunt once made him and my uncle take a boat out on the ice fishing when they insisted on fishing when the "women" felt the ice was too thin.

10. He smoked pot and I hated that about him.

11. He loved the Upper Pennisula. We vacationed there every year.

12. He and my mom once thought about moving out west. So they went on a trip to "scout" it out. That is the only time I remember them going away with out us.

13. He had a beard that he hardly ever trimmed. Was gruffy and grizzly Adams looking.

14. I once got stabbed with a fork by him for reaching for the last piece of something at dinner...I remember it being chicken. My sister remembers it being pizza.

15.  Bradford White was his place of employment for as long as I can remember. But I was told he had numberous other jobs before he settled down.

16. One of those other jobs consisted of "drilling" in the ground for something..water or oil..not sure. I think water. One time while drilling his pants got caught in the drill and ripped off of him. Thank God. Or he may have died. He had to walk accross the ladies lawn that he was working at to his vehicle in his tighty whities. Is how I recall the story.

17. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. All of which are currently married.

18. I don't remember him mowing the lawn. Either mom or us did it.

19. Although I am sure we grumbled. BUT Some of my favorite memories of him where when we would go cut wood and hunt for rabbits or squirrel afterwards.

20. I don't remember his hugs or kisses. I am sure they happened, I just can't recall what his embrace felt like. I know he hugged and kissed my mom.

I guess that will be the last one.  I dont want end all funny or on a "bad note". I don't intend for any of my memories or lack there of to offend anyone that knew him. So don't offend me by tanting or trying to change MY memories. This is how I remember him. But please feel free to share YOUR personal memories of him. Just don't dilute or discount mine.

I love both him and my mother deeply.


  1. I remember one night when he came home from work - late of course - and we were still up watching movies all night. We were watching, Far and Away, and he started being silly and giving us hard time and was calling it Near and Close. I also remember him always being willing to pick me up on his way home from work or to take me home on his way to work. Though the one time in the winter going down Hickory Rd around the big curve, kind of scary...must be where you get your driving skills from ;p
    Anyway, I love and miss them very much too! And most of all I love you.

  2. I remember all the hard work he put into the house. When Grandma and Grandpa Brauer took us to TN he and mom were busy putting new carpet in our room as a surprise for when we got home.

    All that wood cutting yes! No it wasn't much fun, but we always made it fun most of the time with our imaginations :)

    The constant stream of game that was brought into the home that needed cleaned or carved up that provided us with food in our tummies.....

    I remember one successful goose hunt over the house that resulted in several geese.... we wanted our pictures taken holding the geese up and your goose started moving about and you screamed and it went running about the yard after you dropped it.

    Not to taint your memory :) BUT it was a pizza topping that was the hot item sought after with that fork! You grabbed a pc of home made pizza and a topping fell off your pc.... you reached for the dropped topping as you were nearly stabbed with a fork by the "hunter" with his weapon.

  3. Well my dear sister...I WAS stabbed with the fork..soo u must be thinking of a different time :P Cause I distictly remembering trying to talk while crying and sniffling. Mom yelled at him and he said, "fine you can have it." and I said, "I (lip quiver snort snot) don't want it(deep breath more lip quiver)now."