Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Mile in My Shoes

I have been dreaming of doing this for months now....so here it goes.

When I take a walk up the stop sign and back it is a mile. I want to share my scenery and thoughts with you.

Leaving the driveway. Elaine looks back at me to cheese it up for the camera. The kids ride there bikes and I walk.

And we're  off.

It doesn't take them long to get ahead of mom :)

SO, we have our special sign we stop at and wait for mom. This was the very first time that Elaine actually kept up with the boys. She normally hangs back with me :)

Collin insisted this was "Bob" our long dead bantam rooster. It is a Robin. You will get to see all of the road kill. As that is what we do when we take our walks. Stop to take in the road kill :)  This is was our freshest find.

I am leaving this one bigger so you can see "the tree that is carrying an arm load of wood."  That is what Collin calls it. There is quite a bit of wood sitting on the branch to the left.

Collin, "There is ants, I should of brought my gloves."
There is a down limb and being a good citzen, Collin takes it upon himself to make sure none of it is in the road.

"My work is done here."

As promised, more road kill. This we have been watching decompose and get eaten for a few weeks or more. I think all that is left is the furry stuff.

 The bar at the end of my road. Country Fever Dance Bar. It sits where the old Assyria Saw Mill was at. I never seen the saw mill in operation.  But the red building with the white words is part of it.

The Paint on the road that is almost to the stop sign that marks the spot I turn around at. I dont like to go all the way to the stop sign. M-66 is a busy street and I don't like the kids getting close to it. They even turn around a few feet before this mark at the driveway of the bar.

 Assyria cementary at the end of our road accross M-66. I might be buried there one day, who knows. But for only $10 a plot for landowners in the township..I think it is a pretty good possibility.

Um. Yeah. My shoes. Figured out about half way threw our walk that it might be easier for you to walk a mile in my shoes if you could see them :) lol

"Mom, come take a picture of this dead thing."

Collin, "I think it is the spine of the dead thing up there."

The dead thing "up there".  We have been watching this one for sometime...while this is the first walk we seen the spine above.

I wonder who mows this path and if it goes to something more than a field or someones hunting spot.

A swampy area on the other side of the street that I did not take a picture of on the way to the stop sign as there was traffic and I felt dumb taking a pic of a small swamp. :)

I think u know by now, but just in case. More dead stuff.

Mashed down weeds...I believe the deer bed down here and/or come out of this swamp from this spot by the end of this fence.

Stopping for cat tails. I miss you mommy.

The nieghbor to your left's new pole barn. They put it up this summer. I want one :)

Floppy cat tail.

Neighbor accross the streets house.

Home sweet home.

Neighbor to the left of us.

Thee large rock at the end of the driveway next to my mail box.  Yes the driveway really is there under all the leaves...before the rock.

Coming up the driveway. Home at last :)

I did go out back and take some pics of my girls and my favorite rooster..but frankly I am done blogging...so I might just post those on fb. We'll see....Hope you enjoyed your walk with us.

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