Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cleaning the Fridge

When I cleaned my fridge the other day..ok last week. I was thinking of the different types of cleaning I do to my fridge. Sometimes it's just tossing out the old leftovers. Others something may have spilt on the shelf and I push everything to one side and wipe it up. Then at times it goes as far as taking everything out and checking dates, wiping it all down, drying it all and put it all back all orgainized.

God has been cleaning my "fridge" and I have been fighting it.

He also cleans us to different degrees. He tosses out the leftovers, when He forces us to examine how we spend our time and our attitudes. At these times I am convicted of needing to spend more time with Him and less on the computer. Or more time with my kids. It's when I am abrupt, unloving and impatient. But it has not gotten too bad. I have not been too neglectful of my "fridge". So He just prods me and shows me my way back easily. Just a few leftovers to throw out, no harm no foul.

Then when something has gotten spilt, Sin has stepped into my life. And He takes the time to show me it and give me the opportunity to remove it. He is there with me to help me remove it, but I must do the work. I must push everything else aside and grow with Him. Let him clean up the mess I have made.

When I have not paid attention to my fridge in awhile it will be full of spills, sin. Usually ones I cling to, I relish in. Ones I hide from most of the world. Ones I am ashamed to tell my closest friends. Ones that I joke about with my closest friends to make it seem less sinful. But I still sin. I keep going back to it, over and over again. I allow myself to be comfortable with it. To make excuses to make it feel right. But inside, I feel dead and alone. Alone and away from God.

It's then when I am at the bottom of the bottom that He wants me to take everything out of the fridge. He wants me to examine the dates, see the expired items (deep long term sin) and remove them from my life. He wants me to take out the drawers wash them of all their filth. He wants me to let go of toxic relationships I cling to. He wants me to love deeper. He wants me to give up my anger. He wants me to forgive myself of things He has forgiven me for. I keep the sin and I run to it. I enjoy it like a child enjoys candy. I know God knows best for me, but I resist. I resist with all my might. Until one day my fridge will be such a science experiment even the most experienced toxic waste specialist would not want to touch it.


  1. I swear I replied to your fb message before I read this! :) Good job!

  2. I love you! If you ever need help with your frige, or just want someone to listen while your cleaning, I'm here.

    Love ya