Monday, November 23, 2009

Wanna blog...

I have nothing profound to say. I just wanna blog. So this random and probably scattered writing will take it's own form as is I drag on about nothing :) ENJOY!

Elaine has fallen asleep at my feet. She laid on the floor to get into a comfortable position to color in her coloring book, that she found when she went to retrieve her AWANA cubbies book. She has crayons all over the floor and her head on her coloring boook. So adorable!

Collin and Corey are outside. I was tired of the wrestling in the house..I told them I did not want blood on the floor and to take it OUTSIDE. Usually more room to run and play solves the keep your hands to yourselves dilemia. So they are out on in the pines playing..or close them atleast. I think they are in the far shed where the go karts are being stored. Playing some war game. fun fun fun.

Mom is listening to music from a fellow bloggers site. It has alot of good praise music and other great songs too, so good. Enjoying my quiet time. Dishes from lunch are still on the table. Loads of milk in the fridge cries out to be turned into cheese. The carpets could used vaccumed. The bathroom needs cleaned. The hard floors need swept and mopped. For once I can say that I dont NEED to do laundry :)  But right now, it can wait.

Tomorrow is Felicia's funeral.  Be praying for everyone. The funeral is gona be at my church. With a lunch after the burial and no clue as to how many people might come. Tragedy of young life lost...a life so loved and lived fully. I am sure there will be more people than we could expect. I was overwhelmed at my parents funeral. I would think that there were over 300 if not over 400. The funeral home had to open up 2 addtional rooms and had people just standing in the lobby as well as people sitting in the "refreshements/tv room". It was crazy nuts. Alot of the teachers from my school were there, ex-boyfriends galore, my dad's friends, my moms friends, family, my dad's work buddies, hunting buddies, drug buddies....and then the visitation, too many faces.  I pray the family has time to grieve through all the faces. I pray they understand that they don't need to make all the many faces feel welcome, rather it is their time to say goodbye and to celebrate Fee Fee's life. 

The boys have come in and Lindsey should be home soon. Corey and I have another chiro appointment again today. Although first Monday back after vacation..might be a long day, but he knows I want to go without the other we will see how much longer he will be.  Guess quiet time is over.

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