Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Child Training Bible Giveaway winner!!!

Stephanie Hale Eidson YOU are THEE winner!


I hope you are MORE diligent than myself in implementing it's use!

Continue to pray WITH me in that regard. :) PRAYER WORKS!

Should I capitalize ONE MORE THING?! hehe

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Child Training Bible Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

I was not so recently given the opportunity to review the Child Training Bible. I'm a bit behind on writing up my review on this. Mostly because I feel like a failure in instituting the use of it.

So, let's move forward with what I have done with the Child Training Bible, mm kay?

If you haven't seen a single thing about them, please take the time to go to the above link and look over their product to see how it functions. As I am not reinventing the wheel here people..simpling giving my honest review and a few helpful tips that I may have ran across along the way.


My 7 year old daughter helped me put together the top taps of the bible... don't mind her unbrushed hair. She is still just as lovable. :-)

I bought the markers and post it flags at Staples, for a smidge less than $20.

I used a study bible I had bought for my personal use a few years ago. I had already highlighted some stuff in it. But God worked it out, so that those things I had highlighted that coincided with what I needed to highlight for this were previously highlighted in a lighter or same color as I needed to change it to. Sorry if that don't make sense...I can't think of how else to explain it. and I forgot to take pics. My point in saying that is, don't be afraid to use a previously highlighted or used bible it will work out. The point of this system is not to go broke trying to get it set up...or to wait around to do it because you don't wanna spend money you don't have to.

I used a separate Bible from the one I take to church. I want it to be special and set apart for this. I didn't want to spend 4 hours putting it together for it to get wrecked.

I hope to use it along with the S.O.A.P method of bible study that I learned about from Smockity Frocks.  By picking one character a week and going through Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer journalling with that character trait. We have done SOAP in the past and have falling short on this for months lately. :(

I didn't already have highlighters or post it flags so I purchased them. If you have them, don't buy new silly people! I thought about making my own "post it flags" with pieces of colored paper and tape. My time was worth the $10 spent on something already done for me. And in my opinion your time is too!

I took my bible, highlighters, post-it flags and Child Training Bible kit with me when I took the kids to homeschool classes. I would sit and wait for them and work on it. All together it took me about 4 hours to put this thing together.

I have used myself a few times, but I have failed to get it out and use it WITH my children. I want to...but frankly we haven't been doing ANY Bible study time at all. sigh. Pray for me? please. :)

So, one question I received was "How many times does same color highlighter get used for different topics on the same page of the Bible?" My answer is this... It depends on your bible. grin. I had it happen 2, 3 times max.

SO, do you have any questions?

I would love to answer them the best I can.

I would also love for you to enter my Giveaway to receive your very own Child Training Bible Kit!!!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway