Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week 5 Accountability 5/6-5/12

Sunday- Cereal and 2 mini cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Lunch was homemade lasagna. I popped my frozen one from about a month ago in the oven before we left for church on 170* and hoped for the best. It was almost done when we got home. I turned it up to 425 and it was ready when the garlic bread was.

Dinner? What did I eat for dinner? OH yeah a piece of homemade mozzarella and a big bowl of strawberries. I think I ate another bowl of cereal, too. :/

I am not going to eat another bowl of cereal this week! I am seeing a pattern here. I made homemade whole wheat waffles on Saturday and I have real maple syrup. I will eat that, instead of cereal.

Cleaned out the baby goat pen and walked the goats around the yard to browse/eat.

Not enough water.

Monday- I think I finally drank enough water, I was soo thirsty today that it was easy to do.

Breakfast 1 homemade 100% whole wheat waffle with local pure maple syrup. YUM.
Lunch on the go - homemade mozzarella and an apple.
Snack - several mini chocolate donuts :/ sigh.
Dinner - pita pizza

Exercise - I cleaned the barn for over an hour today. My back is a bit sore, but not too bad. :) ya!
I also ran errands this afternoon. I made 1 gallon of yogurt and made 2 gallons of milk into mozzarella. I am TIRED!

Tuesday- Screwed up 2 gallons of milk trying to make into mozzarella. Tire tasting cheese anyone? Rubber. eww. Chickens ate it.

Picked up 2 way ward chillins yesterday. My most precious niece and nephew, whilst my brother and their mother are in California and Vegas on a vacation of sorts. My time is coming, just happening with my childrens. :)  The 16 month old is a crier during the day, but he sleeps through the night HERE. grin. He won't do that at his home. God knows what I can handle, and sleepless nights are not on that list. Apparently.

I had cereal for breakfast (yeah I know). Lunch was food (not sure what kind). Dinner was food as well. Water intake was at about half and I cleaned the barn whilst the baby napped.

Wednesday- bran flakes with a banana sliced over top of it. (yes that is cereal) Lunch was pita pizza. Dinner would probably be a 2 cookies from McDonald's, a handful of mixed candies, and a huge bowl of chips or was that 2 huge bowls?

Water intake was at about 3/4 and I finished cleaning the barn whilst the baby napped.

Thursday- Breakfast Homemade whole wheat waffle with real maple syrup.

Lunch- 1/2 a bag of junky chips and watermelon.

Dinner- Steak, fried potatoes, and homemade mac n cheese.

No exercise and not enough water.

Friday- Went to and was an expo-er at "The Makers Expo" at our homeschool building. (click on the link for info on what that is) I took my soaps to sell, information on herd shares and made soap and cheese! It was SO fun!

I had (you guessed it) cereal for breakfast.

Took lunch with me and it was last nights leftovers plus an apple. And the Girl scout booth had homemade cookies and some popcorn concoction that was addictive.

Dinner- left overs from last night, again! WOW I made a lot of food! HA We all ate it 3 times!

Exercise standing on my feet all day and walking around the expo. Water, eh not so much.

Saturday- Breakfast an apple and water.

Lunch waffles, candy and chips.

Dinner- salad, bread, chicken Alfredo and brownie and ice cream. Went to a "Sisters Appreciation Banquet" at my Mormon Girlfriends church. I tell you, I definitely don't agree with most of their "doctrine", but boy do they know how to pamper their women. :) The men put this dinner on. I have been the last 2 years. They go all out. Set the tables all pretty and have salad, bread and dressing on the table. They come around and take your order if you want Alfredo chicken or spaghetti meat sauce. When your done with your salad they bring your main course. When your done with your main course they bring out your desert. The whole time clearing your dirty dishes and keeping your water filled. If you want seconds on anything there is always plenty. They were kind and attentive and it was a nice time with my friend and her friends. :)

Quite a bit of water, but not enough. No exercise, though I am very very tired.

I did not weigh myself today. Scared of that.

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