Saturday, May 5, 2012

Week 4 April 29th-May 5th

Sunday- No exercise or water. I lost my water bottle and figured out on Monday that I left it in a girlfriends car after we went for Brownie Sundaes on Friday! ha!

Warmed up some frozen pancakes for breakfast with lots of real maple syrup.

I thawed out left over white castle burgers for lunch. I made steak and fried sweet potatoes for dinner.

Monday- No exercise or water. Still have not retrieved the missing water bottle. I went to my girlfriends house and forgot to grab it out of her car. :( 

Had a rice kripy treat, a 2 pack of pop tarts and cookies for lunch. In the van while doing some running around. Nutritious, eh? Not so much.

Dinner was bacon and nasty bag noodle mix. Butter noodles with all their preservatives and white bleached flour. blech. I don't know if I mentioned my whole food journey?  I really sucked up the preservatives today.

I later had a large portion of homemade strained goat yogurt with xylitol and vanilla. YUM.

Tuesday- I actually drank SOME water today. I got out both my water bottles and used them :) I did not exercise.

I don't think I ate breakfast, but honestly can't remember and I am typing this at 9:02pm on Tuesday. hmm.

I ate a 2 bananas around lunch time after I went to Horrocks and stocked up on fruits and veggies. I did this instead of going to fast food! Yeah me!!!
I had 4 hard shell tacos for dinner. I am eating a salad now. I probably will get some yogurt tonight, too.

I went for 2 bowls of cereal and yogurt.

Wednesday- Bowl of cereal for breakfast.  For Snack, banana and YUMMY THICK homemade goats milk yogurt with xylitol and vanilla. mmmm. Can you tell I am eating more while I am typing this?

Lunch was Mac n Cheese, steak, and fried sweet potato.

Dinner 2 crunchy shell taco's. McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae with 2 packets of nuts for date night time. I'm a cheap date. $2.52 for the both of us.

Then of course the more yogurt that I am eating right now.

Drank 2 glasses of water today. No exercise, tho I feel like I ran a marathon. Seriously, what did I do today. My legs ache, I'm tired as heck, and really I am just stiff everywhere. sigh.

Thursday- New baby goat was born today! Her name is Kate. So, I was walking back and forth to the barn A LOT. :)

Breakfast was probably cereal. Lunch was did not happen, too much excitement happening.

Dinner was pork stir fry with rice.

Friday- Breakfast- probably cereal. Lunch- pancakes and an apple.
Dinner YUMMY hamburgers and mac n cheese.

Saturday-  Cereal for breakfast. Had some water, but not enough. I was more active, but not purposeful exercise.

Lunch 3 crunchy tacos. dinner steak and potato salad. 1 waffle after dinner.

Weight 243lbs. Yo Yo Yo YO YO. oye.


  1. This isn't just about over eating it's about the wrong food choices. Get rid of all that processed food ie: cereal, pasta, etc. and start eating real foods. You will find you are less hungry and not having the cravings (after you get through withdrawls). Many of those processed foods have an opiate effect on our bodies. That's why you eat and feel good and then crash and eat some more. Also, you don't need to do "formal" excersise. WALK! Seriously just walk more and once a week run to the barn in the morning. That's all the excersise you need for now. It will make a huge difference if you change the foods and add the water. It's the start of a new week...the balls in your court. If you always do what you always will always get what you alway got.

    1. I agree about getting rid of processed foods. I am doing much better with this than ever before. I don't buy my meat at the store. I don't do hotdogs or processed meats. I buy whole wheat pasta and whole wheat flour. BUT I do eat boxed junk cereal. It was free, what can say? oye. Ik the whole would u drink/eat poison just cause it was free thing?!

      I definetely need to stop eating cereal for breakfast. I bet that would help TONS. Thanks for the comment. :)