Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 3 Accountability

Saturday - My sisters birthday! Went out to Dinner with her at the Chinese Buffet. She found a fortune in the bottom of my water glass, before I drank any. eww. Of course I over ate. It is a buffet after all and this is America. grin.

I did no extra movement/exercise. I did not get all my water in.

Sunday- Cereal for breakfast, homemade White Castle Burgers for lunch. I made the hamburger part Saturday. Popped them in the oven and topped with cheese and assembled Sunday after church.

Not sure what dinner was, but I had cake at church after a very awesome concert put on by lots of our church members. :)

NO exercise. I'm becoming a lazy bum butt. Certain I did not drink enough water.

Monday- Breakfast, cereal. Lunch homemade chili. Dinner 1 slice of pizza and a bowl of homemade goats milk cottage cheese! Successfully made by none other than ME! Collin even ate some :)

Not enough water, no exercise. I'm seeing a theme here. :/

Tuesday- Shredded wheat for breakfast. Lunch at Ritzee's - Deluxe burger, fries and a large strawberry shake. Two Little Debbie butterfly creme filled cakes, make that four. I think I had a bowl of cereal later in the night too and  a couple crunchy granola bars.

Not enough water, no exercise.

Wednesday- Crunchy granola bars for breakfast, four of them. sigh.

Chicken, corn and beans for lunch. Butterfinger candy bar for dinner. Seriously.

Not enough water, no exercise. Tho, seriously tired. Made a quadruple batch of muffins today and this past Saturday. Along with soft goat cheese. Milk is the theme. OH so I guess I had Muffins for dinner, too.

Thursday- Muffins for breakfast. Potato soup for lunch. Arby's for dinner. Brownie sundae at Denny's for dessert with a girlfriend. We were celebrating her finishing her last exam for her Bachelors degree!!! YEAH!

Not enough water, no exercise. :(

Friday-  April, 27th.

Wow did time get away from me and I have been failing miserably at keeping up witht his ever since this past Thursday.

Publishing this and hoping to do better next week.


  1. ITS Tues hows your week going so far?

    1. Today was MUCH better than last week. As far as portion control and good food choices. I still haven't gotten back on the water and exercise wagon. :-/

  2. Keep at it girlie, set just one goal this week and give it all you've got! Even if it's only water, keep it something easy and attainable. Then reward yourself when you round out the week on top. Think of you often

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I REALLY need it this week. Be blessed!