Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tell me 3 Good things about YOUR husband.

This is the first of my series on Making My Marriage Magnificent in May. Go back and read the first one if you need a refresher of what this is all about. But here it goes....

So, I've  had a few conversations with some friends about the reality that I tend to "run my husband into the ground", to put it bluntly.  I tend to talk negatively about him a lot and publicly. ouch.

It has been a HUGE fault of mine, for our entire marriage. I KNOW this hurts him, because he has told me so. :-(

So, the first thing I challenge myself with this month is to STOP this.

I'm a firm believer that breaking a bad habit is best accomplished by replacing it with a good habit. So, when I hear myself thinking negative things about Lindsey, I am going to think of three positive things.

If you hear me complain about him, please gently remind me of my desire to honor him. Maybe do this by saying to me, "Tell me 3 good things about your husband." In all seriousness I need that accountability. I am not saying you should NEVER vent or seek Godly counsel about the things your spouse does that tick you off. I am saying that I have taken it and made it into an art form. A hideous one. That has hurt my husband and subsequently hurt our marriage and me. When you need to seek out a friend to vent to or ask advice of, do so in private. Not in a way that will shame your husband, as I have. :-(

This one will be tough for me. So, I figured I better put it right at the beginning. I will have more time to work on it and be encouraged by you. Hopefully I can be an encouragement to you as well.

Would you take the time to share with me 3 Good things about YOUR husband, to help get yourself started?


  1. ugh i did this earlier but for some reason it didn't take... you said something about nit picking ( not doing things our way) in our convo that REALLY stuck with me.. so with that God uses even the simple things that we (you) say.. :) thanks. :)

    1. I love that my husband is a God Fearing Husband.. he attends church and helps the Church family.. :)

    2. I love that my husband is a GREAT provider.. He goes to work in pain and sick just to provide for us.. :)

    3. I love the fact that my husband is NOT a " what did you do today" kind of guy.. if he comes home and there is toys strewn across the room he picks them up and start to relieve me of my day.. :)

    Thank you Heather for your prayers, Convo's and most of all your Friend ship.. :)

    1. I love you, honey! One day at a time. Thank you for joining me in this journey. I appreciate you in all those same ways and more! You have often by my example of perserverance and faithfulness to God. Thank you for being YOU!

  2. Good for you! :)
    Ok, 3 things about my hubby: He's a good provider. He puts up with my chronic fatigue and often does what I should be doing for the family after he's already put in a full days work. He prays with our family every night.

  3. 1. I love that my husband is a nice guy and that everyone likes him, he's just a "good" guy, and I'm lucky.
    2. I super love that my husband is so involved with the kids, I hear other wives complain that their husbands come home and sit on the couch and check out, and while mine does that sometimes, he's more apt to take the kids outside to play, and I'm very grateful he's willing to participate in homeschool activities and dance class...he is a "dance dad" and I know he is definitely a minority here...and it certainly makes my life much easier.
    3. Have I mentioned he's a great dad? I'm struggling here with a third! :) ... .... .... I appreciate the fact that my husband tries to be affectionate, even though I'm not. I try really hard to be, but I'm always so busy, it's like get out of my way here, I'm trying to do something, no time for hugs, don't you see that?! But it's very sweet and something I know I take for granted.