Friday, May 11, 2012

Makers Expo

I had such a wonderful time at the Makers Expo at our homeschool group today I just had to tell you all about it!

The Makers Expo was organized by the City Works class at Bedford - Gull Lake Homeschool Partnership. The idea was to showcase things that you make!

I took my goats milk soap to sell. I also took soap and cheese making supplies and made both as a demonstration.

Soap went well and once the Lavender EO was added it smelled wonderful in the hallway where I was making it.

Soap was poured into molds a little after noon and I took a lunch break. I was able to talk soap with many many people. Made new friends and exchanged business cards with a few peoples.

When I was getting my lunch ready my dear sweet husband surprised me and showed up 3 hours earlier than I expected him. He already had plans to come after work, he got out early so he would have hours left to work Saturday. He hung around and watched my booth while I ran home to get two very important things I needed to make the mozzarella, Latex kitchen gloves and my slotted metal spoon.  What a good man! He could of went home and came at the time we had discussed, but he came early and we had FUN. Fun, I say! We had FUN.

Mozzarella was wonderful! I was nervous about making it because the last time I made it this week it was like eating a tire. Yes, really it was that rubbery, tasteless and just plain gross. I'm glad I knew what I did wrong and didn't redo the same mistake.

When it was done I walked around the Partnership building giving out samples of the cheese. I LOVE words of affirmation and boy was I showered with them today. Not one single person said, "eww that was gross."

I did however hear several people saying, "that is awesome!" and "that is the best cheese ever!" People keep telling me how much they like my cheese, but I always wonder if they are just being nice. I'm starting to believe it really is actually wonderful cheese! :)  Thanks guys.

I even sold some stuff!

Happy Heather.

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