Thursday, May 10, 2012

Parenting...Making My Marriage Magnificient in May

My husband and I do not parent the same. Hardly at all. To be honest we don't do hardly anything the same. You know, opposites attract.

I see or hear him doing things different than me and I start in on him. I tell him how to parent. What he should say and do.

When do I do this? Well of course right away and in front of the kids.

Well what we do, do the same is lose our cool with the kids. We both yell. I have made it my responsibility to point out to him how awful he is being when he loses his cool and yells or flies off the handle with the kids. How ever you word it your home. Have a fit and fall it, climb the wrong side of the mountain. It's when you look like your head will explode and everyone scatters fearing the steam coming out of our ears might burn them.

Again, when do I do this? Well of course right away and in front of the kids.

I do not recommend this strategy. It sucks. It NEVER goes well. And in the end it just makes the kids disrespect the both of us even more.

So, what should I do? You know that whole replace a bad habit with a good one thing I'm attempting to do!?

Well I hear my friend Marlene Lawson telling me, "When you feel yourself 'going there' get into a F.O.G. (Focus On God) and SHUT UP! You will be glad you did."

I can't fix Lindsey and Lindsey can't fix me. He is just gracious enough not to try as hard as I do to do the fixing stuff. Wasn't that a crazy sentence? Read it again, this don't happen often. I just said my husband is better than me at being the "bigger person". At letting ME have my faults and not running me into the ground for it. Well, cause he is.

So, when you hear your whiny loud nagging voice rear up, out loud or inside your head, SHUT UP! Cause that is what I will be trying to do. Join me, if only to encourage me with this. Hopefully it will encourage you and help to make your marriage magnificent.

On a quick side note I have re-read this post a few times.... Do you think this is violating my first objective? To be positive about my husband, to not be negative, especially publicly? I honestly don't think so, but if you feel it does can please enlighten me? I want to be honoring him with positive things and breaking away from the negative. So, please be honest with me.

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