Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Epic Proportions

I love practical jokes. Especially when I am the one pulling the joke. Grin.

So, I play at least one April Fools joke every year. You know stuff like switching the sugar with the salt. Saran wrapping the toilet. Fun times.

My cousin posted this on his facebook wall and inspired some mischief in me.

"Once when we lived in town in Columbus O I had a '69 Javelin and someone broke out my back window. I had a spare so it was no big deal and being lazy I just swept the broken glass off the edge of the pavement. My next door neighbor was the type who wouldn't leave the house unless perfectly groomed. On March 31 he forgot to lock his car. I took advantage by rolling his window down and sprinkling the broken glass from my window on his seat and floor and the ground outside. He drove around 3 days with plastic duct taped in the window, and when he mentioned he was taking it to a body shop I asked him why he hadn't tried the window crank..."

This is the story of that mischief.

April 1st around 3pm I called up a friend whose husband does auto body work and asked, "Do you have any broken auto glass?" And got a good laugh out of her and her husband when I explained why I wanted the glass.

They did not, but they had a piece of auto glass that we could break. Muaahhaa. So, I drive over with my Rubbermaid tote in tow. She was washing the glass and it had been sitting somewhere buried and was dirty. Her husband tells us how we can break the glass. Wrap it in something that you don't care about and drop the splitting maul on it. It worked, we dumped the broken glass in my tote.

I get home and locate the victim, my husband Lindsey. So, he won't see me "breaking his window". OK, he is watching a movie. Phew.  I'm clear to go about my business. I roll down his truck window and dump the glass the in. I was nice enough to choose his passenger side. That way if he didn't find it till morning it wouldn't make him late for work. It was, after all, meant for pure fun not to cause harm.

The kids had a friend over for the afternoon, between church services. They were outside jumping on the trampoline and shooting around some golf balls.  Mr. Oblivious comes out and shoots some golf balls around, too. I took this as the opportunity to holler out, "You better be careful shooting those towards the house, you might break your window out of your truck!" To which he replied, "No I won't. I know right where I am hitting it." I replied, "Yeah, I would think golf would be much easier for everyone if that were the case."

Lindsey didn't notice his window till about an hour later when he was filling my goats water. He thought someone had rolled it down and went to see. Then found the broken glass and asked all the kids who broke his window. Oh how perfect! 

He came inside told me about the broken window and I just started laughing and laughing. He was not the least bit suspicious of my reaction. He then pulls all the kids together and asks them who broke it. Of course all of them said none of them did it. Well, cause they didn't. Oh how much fun I am having at this point.

Lindsey further inspects the damage and finds a golf ball. I did not plant that golf ball. It just happened to be in his truck. Proof God likes practical jokes, right?  Grin. Of course I tell my husband, "I think you did it, you were out there golfing, too."

Well we needed to leave in less than 10 minutes, so I offered some more advice. "Why don't you get some plastic on the window and we will deal with this later. Since it looks like rain." So, he did.

When we got home from evening church Lindsey vacuumed up the glass and covered the window more thoroughly. Then talked to me about how much this is going to cost to get fixed. He asked if I would call around for prices on Monday. I agreed to.

Around 9:30pm Lindsey told our 14 year old, Corey, that he had rolled up the window, trying to get Corey to admit to having broke it. Lindsey then tells me this story and laughter ensues. I thought he was saying that he indeed had rolled up the window and found that it wasnt' broke. That was not so, he only had said it to try to get a confession out of the teen aged one! How awesome is that?

So, Lindsey drives to work this morning with his window down, plastic in place. Grin.

I called a local auto body shop, M-66 Auto Body and roped them into my mischief. The plan was to have Lindsey meet me at the shop and have someone roll up his window in front of him. The worker was awesome! He played it so well. When he came out Lindsey asked, "will you be able to get it inside tonight?"  He said, "I think that won't be a problem."

I will let the following video tell the rest of the mischief story. I had Collin tape it as I let the kids in on the mischief while we were parked at the body shape waiting for Lindsey. Collin is not the best videographer, but for 10 he will do. :) Please, avoid focusing on the cackling loud laughing woman, also known as, me.


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