Friday, April 13, 2012

1 week down

First off, if anyone would like join me in holding each other accountable in a road to healthier living/weight loss...Please feel free to comment with a link to your blog and I would appreciate if  you shared my blog as well. Whether it be on facebook or on your blog. Share away. I hope to encourage others with my life's journey.

Here is where my current journey to a healthier lifestyle started in case you missed my first blog post last week....  Accountability- Holding myself to it.

Saturday - I was supposed to go to Grand Rapids and work and grill out with my bestest friend, Suzie. Her hubby and her were sick and so I went shopping with my another bestest friend, Christina. We grabbed Subway after shopping. I was cranky as I had not eaten breakfast. I spent my breakfast time scrubbing the milking stand. April (a goat) thought it necessary to step in the milk bucket and tip it over.
I drank 1/2 the water I was supposed today. And did not exercise.
Christina and I shared a foot long oven roasted chicken sub. I got mine minus bread and cheese, fat free honey mustard on the side. Subway was awesome about it and charges us for a foot long. Knowing I was going to be accountable to you, I took a picture.

Easter Sunday- Means pancake and sausage breakfast at church. I had 2 pancakes and 4 sausages and drowned it in syrup. Not the best I could of done, but its not the worst that I wanted to do. Grin. So we will call breakfast a win.

For lunch I made pizzas on Whole wheat pita bread. I had mine with pineapple, onion, and green pepper.

I ate 2 of these. One around 1pm and one around 4pm. So we will call that lunch and dinner, um kay?

I also made Jesus' tomb with Elaine and ate 3 or 4 of them. (over did it) They are 1 large marshmallow wrapped in a crescent roll that we sprinkled with cinnamon.

Of course I had some Easter candy as well. Two Reese's peanut butter eggs..amongst other things.

I drank half my water that I should of.

I slow jogged 1/2 mile and walked 1.5 miles.

Monday- I am training a 100 lb yearling goat to get onto the milking stand. Its proving difficult. So, I'm getting up at 5:30am this week so Lindsey can help man handle her before he leaves for work. Which means I will be done with chores a good 2 hours before I am normally even out of bed! Today I used that extra time to stretch really good and then jog a 1/2 mile and walk a 1/2 mile.

I ate a 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, a banana and an apple for breakfast. Did not drink all my water, probably did not even get half of it in. Lost track.

Had a pita pizza just cheese for lunch and ate a couple hot dogs for dinner. Had too many chips this day, too.

Tuesday- Went back to bed after doing chores. I am not used to this new schedule. I am not a morning person. It snowed here today and my legs hurt. Had cereal for breakfast and a couple of bananas for an early morning snack.

A hot dog and half for lunch. Tried to choke on it while on the phone with my funny friend from Stampin Up With Joy. Not a good idea to laugh and eat. Just sayin.

No exercise today and definitely not enough water.

Wednesday- Stayed up this morning and jogged 3/4 mile and walked 1/4 mile. I was going to another mile of walking but when I got to the end of my driveway I did not turn around and go back down the road. Kind of counter productive, eh?

I had shredded wheat and a banana for breakfast. I have not drank enough water. I ate goulash for lunch/dinner. It got to be 2pm and I hadn't made lunch, oops. I browned up enough hamburger for 2 meals. I made goulash and hamburger pie. Hamburger pie is the fridge for dinner tomorrow night.

Went out for dessert for our date night tonight. Had free coupons for it, too! My frugal side won out. I had a snack size Resess's McFlurry and water.
I stepped on the scale this morning and thought it was broken. It said something like 114. I turned it over and switched it back to LBS from KG. Then I still thought it was broken, I witnessed a number that should not be, in my opinion. It said 230lbs! When I feel like the only change I have made is in exercise. So we will see what Friday brings. In the mean time read on...

Thursday- Stayed up this morning, but did not walk or jog. My back pain returned this morning :(. It was not very bad. Low back where my bad disc is at and down my left leg. Was still able to get out of bed and function tho, thank God. With this new regression I do think it is prudent that I don't jog, walk yes, Jog NO. That might have aggravated my back, or my schedule change. Who knows!

I had Hamburger pie for dinner and didn't over due it. One serving for me. Lindsey ate almost half of a 9X13 pan! He was hungry! ha.

I had some Frito's late in the evening and over did it.

Did better with my water today, got more than half of it in :)


Did not exercise today or drink enough water. But kept very busy (see my other post from today).

So, I would say Exercise goal was met. Water an epic fail. And food was so so.

Will try again next week with the same goals.

How are you doing?

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