Thursday, April 26, 2012

Got Milk?

Cause I do! LOTS O' MILK.

What does a girl do with 3 gallons of milk a day? (TWENTY ONE gallons a week!)

1. feed baby goats 16 ounces each 3 times a day. Not quite 1 gallon. (6 a week)

2. Herd share owners Mon. 1.5 gallons. Tues. 1.5 gallons every other week. Wednesday 1 gallon. Thursday 1 gallon. (3.5-5 a week)

3. Make Chevre cheese 1 gallon.

4. Eight batches of muffins. Almost 1 gallon of milk.

5. Mozzeralla cheese. 1 gallon

6. Cottage Cheese. 1 gallon

7 Yogurt. 1/2 gallon.

8. 4 batches of pancakes 1/4 gallon

9. Our family drinks about 1/2 gallon a day. (3.5 a week)

10. Freeze some for making soap (1/4 gallon)

That leaves about 2-3 gallons a week that I need to find other recipes for. Ice cream, creamed soups.

BUT this was a heavy cheese making week. And I don't make 8 batches of muffins every week, that would be NUTS! I made these and froze some, gave some to a friend, and sent them for snack at church with the kids.

Lately the dog has been getting a 1/2 gallon of milk a day! The chickens get one half to one and half gallons of milk a day as well. Though they got none today.

I need more time in the day and I would fiddle with making more cheeses. Yawn. I want to invest in a thermostat for my extra fridge and some cheese wax. Then I can start making aged cheeses.

Did I mention that this milk is from TWO goats. I have one goat due to kid next week! Then I will be up to 4-4.5 gallons A DAY. THEN I have one more goat due to kid the end of May. 5-6 gallons a day!

Anyone interested in a raw milk herd share?

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