Friday, January 22, 2010

Waiting room

I remembered something awefully funny from my annual exam last Tuesday and had to share it here.

Short, but jaw droppingly silly.

I take my "bag of crafts" with me when I am gona be waiting, so I can crochet. Why yes, I will make a lovely old lady hush.  Well it helps me mind my own business too, cause if I just sat there I would talk to some stranger about life.

There was a lady about 40 years old waiting with her younger relative of some sort. They were talking loudly about to each other about things that sounded like they both already new, but wanted everyone else to know, too. You know the type. Talks just to hear their selves. Again, hush. I know that is easily my type, too.

There was a mexican family that spoke very limited English. A man, a woman, and their little 2 year old boy. He was very curious and exploring the waiting room. Very cute and quiet. So, the 40 year old loud woman decides its necessary to try to get him to talk. She loudly asks him his name. No response. She loudly asks him how old he is. No response. She asks him if he is gona talk to her. No response. She asks his parents his name. Asks his age. Asks if he is shy. They said, "No." This goes on for a good 10-15 minutes. When she decides to see if he wants to be read a book that is on the coffee table. He shows no interest. But she is not the type to take no for an answer. So she reads the title of the book to him. "Stranger Danger" OH it was too precious! The laughter died down after a few minutes and she was back at it trying to get him to talk to her.

I think she just should have brought her crocheting. Nuff said.

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  1. if she did that would you been able to enjoy the laugh then and like 2 days later??? i say THANK GOD that you got a smile out of a BLAH apt..... :)