Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So, as most of us fluffy women do this time of year and even some not so fluffy ones, I have been examining my eating and excercise habits.

I now have carrots, salad, oranges, tomatoes, and NO cookies in the house.  I am controlling portion control as well. NO more baggies full of venision Jerky sitting by the computer to be engulfed into my mouth in less than a half hours time.  I did allow myself 2 taco's at dinner on Monday laden with lettuce and tomato. Just the way I love my taco's..yum yum.

I know I need to excercise more as well, that part will be coming. I want to work on strength training and toning. And work in some cardio too.

I know all the right answers to be healthy, but often put them to the wayside. I feel better already after about a week at this portion control and healthy food choices thing. I am reaching for an orange instead of yet another bowl of cereal. Eating 2 pieces of toasted raisin bread, instead of my normal 4.  I was starting to get my constant indigestion and heatburn that comes from bad eating and excess weight. YUCK.

I had some friends give me a stack of pants as payment to keep being their friend (long story ask me about it, its funny maybe I should blog about that too!). Well the pants fit, most of them. AND they were a size BIGGER than I was currently wearing. So, something had to give!

The scale already shows about a 10 lb weight lose. But I have always been able to drop these first 10-20 lbs very fast...then I level out. When I start adding in bad foods again and beef up my strength training/muscle building excercises.  THEN I get stuck! I stop I give up. I feel better and I want the GOOD food.

I am going on vacation in August (most likely) and would like to look 1/2 way decent in swimsuit pics! SOO, here we are trying to get back into what used to be my fat jeans and out of the WAY TOO FAT JEANS!  


  1. I'd be doing a whole lot better if I followed the eating rules... instead, I skip meals here and there and get excited when the scale drops, but then get bummed when I eat and it goes back up. Should probably work on that...

  2. Count me as one of the fluffy girls!