Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The time of year

This time of year seems everyone is looking back and evaluating the past year. Making changes in their lives to improve upon the mistakes they have made or to increase the joy's they have experienced.

I am no exception to this.  As part of that I get this ancey stagnant feeling about me this time of year. I yearn for growth. For a new project. For new friendships or renewed deeper ones.

Tonight as I look over the progress I have made just in these few short days, I sit back and say, "ahhh, this is good. This is life. Ups and downs. Life."

I am typing this with a cup of hot cocoa at my side that my dearest husband Lindsey brought me. I think of the lazy susan cupboard that has been broken for more than 6 months that he spontaneously fixed a few nights ago with no prompting from me. NO more kicking it to get it to open! But mostly I am thinking of our finances.

Unlike most Americans this day and age we have no credit card debt or car loans. We have a small emergency fund to draw on for mishaps. But we have not seen growth in this area in sometime. The credit cards and car loans have long been gone. We have used alot of funds to secure our new home we are in and make needed repairs to it. But I feel stagnant, financially.

We had a speaker from Crown Financial Ministries come to MOPS this last Thursday. I so enjoyed his speech and information that I came home and checked out their website. Lindsey and I have been going through the Crown Money Map. A free resource available from Crown. I am loving how it is helping us communicate about money, life goals, and more importantly connect with God again, together.

We are making a financial statement of assets and determining our net worth. Making a list of assets is an eye opener of what we really do have of value and where our money has been going. We are evaluating how much life insurance we may want to purchase. Also, we are working on memory verses together!

I would suggest to anyone going through financial hard times or lack of growth or if you just desire more growth to look at Crowns Spending Plan. We have been going through this as a couple. It has valuable information in it to help you achieve True Financial freedom. An added bonus for us has been growth together, communication, and respect.

I hope that this might help someone out there find peace.

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