Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday?

On December 31st my dear friend Sara was getting Happy Birthday wishes on her facebook wall. Her birthday is November 8th. She very politly told the well wishers, "Thanks, but its not my birthday".

Then somehow the converstation turned to cake or rather the lack there of.  She whined that she had no cake, so I fixed that. I had the need to make a practice cake for my nieces baby shower next month anyway. So, instead I made a "Not Birthday cake".

So, with a cake this darn cute you have to have a full blown PARTY.  So, the decorating was done around 3:30pm with her husband Terry getting off work at 4pm that was perfect timing!  I grabbed a "stray" present out of the present box and wrapped it up, christmas paper of course. We stopped at felpauch and got paper plates and cups, ice cream, and pop.  Then invaded Sara's house.

All things are funner with friends, so I kidnapped her oldest daughter Courtney to stay the night and bake the New Year in. While she was getting ready, Terry and Sara were telling me how 8 year old Hannah had gone on an outing with some friends and came home with money! I said, "Oh so they are paying her to be their friend!" Terry says, "Thats why we don't have many friends. We don't have any money to pay them."  We are all laughing. Then Sara says something about me having friends cause I pay them with not birthday parties and presents.

So, Courtney I had a wonderful night of baking and then she made my family breakfast while I slept in! yeah!!!  Eventually I took her home. I was standing in the Grants kitchen and Terry hands me a stack of jeans. I say, "What is this for?"  He says, "Its your payment, we want friends too."  OH how I laughed. 

Well that is the story that goes with the next blog about the Jeans that were one size bigger than my current fat jeans, but they fit me!

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  1. so do I have a friend??? or did the Jeans NOT do it cause they were one size big and still fit... Love you bunches and Thank you again for the YUMMY cake and all the fun laughs... btw it was my 6 year old that got the money. ;)