Monday, February 22, 2010

Finding the positive...cause there is LOTS there.

I was thinking about the stuff I had been posting on facebook today, most of it seemed negative in someway.

Kids acting out BAD, Hubby backed into the van w/the boss's plow truck...

So I am gonna take a moment to refresh my positivity for the day.

1. Collin (8 years old) made lunch almost completely by himself! I supervised, but not the whole time. He browned the hamburger, measured the water, and stirred together the hamburger helper. He boiled the water, opened the boxes and dumped in the macaroni for mac and cheese. He opened the cheese powder, w/out spilling it all over! He set the table including getting out salad and raw veggies. Later on he did the dishes too. He also picked up his "saloon" he made in the basement out of folding chairs, a table, a baby gate, and playing cards. VERY inventive idea that blocked my way to my laundry room and he was done playing with it. He also read his books tonight, too.When reminded he put away his snow suit and boots after coming in from outside.

2. Corey (12 years old) made a cake completely by himself. He preheated the oven. Remembered to put the eggs in it. Greased the pan. Put the cake in the oven. Tested it for doneness. Took it out of the oven. ALL by himself. I did not even supervise. I was outside. He also cleared the snow off the van and played outside with Collin rather well, despite the all day "slug" fest we had been having. He hung up his coat and snow pants and put his boots and mittens away too.

3. Elaine (5 years old) picked up her barbies when told. As well as more of the living room. She helped set the table and clear the table. She filled the hole back in, that she tore out of the cake. Stretching for more on that one.. ;) She went to her bed and took her nap when told. She read her books tonight. When she acted wrong and was corrected she stopped.

4. Lindsey (my dear husband) made it to work 15 minutes early today! He worked hard, plowing the parking lot at work most of the day. And did his other workday duties. He took the movies back the library and picked out new ones. He came home and could not get in the driveway, so he went to his boss's house to borrow his plow truck. He did not totally kill my van when he backed into it with the plow truck ;) He took the Lawson's milk to them, they live next door to his boss. He went back to the Lawson's, selflessly, to offer help. After all that he vegged out on the couch most of the evening, much deserved I would say. He has been making an effort for weeks to take his shoes off in the basement.

So, point being when I really take a look back on this crazy "negative" day there were MANY things that were positive. Choosing to be grateful tonight for things both big and small.

I was able to connect with many friends today. Received many smiles and laughs. Life is good...breathing in that slow breath of contentment. Ahhhh.

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  1. Way to look at the positive. I focus on the negative WAY too often. And yet, when I focus on the positive, the negative seems to evaporate! :)