Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chicken Wounds

While making my Store front on my blog, I came across a video Collin made of me cleaning up a chicken wound.

This chicken was attacked by another rooster. The hurt chickens name is Mache. Sounds kinda like maze and mange slurred together. It's the part of Dalmatian that says Mache. We had three roosters all at once. One named Doll. One named Mache. The final one damed Shun. I think, as Shun didn't live long.

Mache is our mascot of sorts and was the former picture on my blog header before I recently updated my blog.

SO, I thought it fitting to share more about him.

He has a life long home here. We won't be eating him. So much that he doesn't reside in the chicken coop. He lives in the goat barn. So, the other roosters won't attack him.

Here is the old old video of us trying to clean him up. Enjoy my goofy kids. Poor rooster, just remember he is all healed up now!

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