Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What you have a farm?

Well, since my blog does carry my farm name. I think its about time I wrote about the farm.

Gottes Belle Farm. German, Gottes meaning God's. German is my favorite part of my heritage. French, Belle meaning beautiful. Also named for the matriarchs of my goat herd, Annabelle and Clarabelle. So, if you translate all that we are "God's Beautiful Farm".

We currently have 5 goats. Four does and one wether. We currently have one goat in milk. Three goats are breed this year. April, our first doeling born here, is due for her second kidding March 18th. Less than 2 weeks. I'm getting excited about the start of our kidding season. May 1st Clara is due with her 3rd time kidding. Angel, last years doeling born here, is due with her first kidding May 29th. Anna is taking the year off from kidding.

Anna is my best milker and hence my favorite goat. Angel is her daughter. I'm hoping I get as great of an udder and milk production out of her mother has. My ideal would be to have goats I breed every other year and they give me a gallon of milk a day year round for 2 years straight. Anna is that good of a milker.

Chickens. All of our chickens are older right not and don't lay very good. We are expecting 12 Black Astorlorp laying hen chicks anytime now. I like to keep a small flock and allow them to free range.

We offer raw milk herd shares and eggs when available. We are currently full on herd shares. After April kids we will have more herd shares for sale, if you are interested. We won't have eggs until July or August.

What we do have now is Hand Crafted Goats Milk Soap. So, check those out to help support our farm.

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