Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary

After Mr. Oblivious's recent performance in the department of clueless. I wondered what today was going to bring. Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. To be honest I have known it was coming up, but had nothing special planned. So, I had not been talking it up and reminding him with hints. This is the same man that forgot my 30th birthday when we had plans to go out for dinner, too!

I went about my normal day while trying to decide how and when I should remind him that he once again missed an important day. Well God had other plans.

When Mr. Wonderful came home from work I was feeding the 4 legged kids in the goat barn. He came out to find me and his first words were, "Happy anniversary!" I then asked, "Which of the kids reminded you?" He confessed that while he did not remember until half through his day, he did remember on his own.

He told me of how every time he wrote the date he thought, "26th, there is something familiar about that date. What is it?" Good thing he must of had to write up some work orders or whatever it is he writes up when he fixes something. (Don't I sound like a listening wife, now?) He later stumbled across an old calendar that had today circled and it dawned on him that it was our anniversary.

When Mr. Wonderful realized it was our anniversary he promptly decided it was a good idea to skip his after work side job and come home and take his wife out to dinner. Good man. :)

We went to the library to return some books and movies and check out some new ones. Then we went to a local place that used to be a train station, Clara's. It is yummy and I love the atmosphere/decor.

We then went to the local produce store, Horrocks, to get parsley for my newly freshened doe, April. Which April did not like,  by the way, but Anna absolutely loved.

Upon returning home Mr. Wonderful cleaned out my goat barn and mowed grass. While I played with all 7 of the goats in the yard. Being around the 5 day old kids made the 5 year old goats act like kids again. Jumping and kicking up their hooves.

It was a wonderful sight. A perfect end to a wonderful Anniversary date.

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