Thursday, December 17, 2009

Soaking it in....

Are you listening?  REALLY listening? 

God is speaking to me and I am listening now.... FINALLY LISTENING.

Those of you who have been praying KEEP praying..those of you are not...please start praying.

I love you all.

The song you are hearing IF you are really listening is the song we played at our wedding. "When I Call on Jesus" by Nicole C. Mullen. 

We had a rough start to say the least.  We would never even made it to the alter had it not been for Jesus. This song was my hope and encouragment.

Lindsey is a recovered alcoholic, for those that don't know. 7 years ago this coming June he quit drinking and has never gone back to it. All by the grace of God.

I had begun going back to church with the boys. Lindsey never wanted to go, he prefered to sleep in on his one day off of work. Exspecially when he was usually sleeping off a hang over. We were not married and living together. I decided it was not what God wanted from me. He wanted my best, my whole self.

Things got really bad with his alochol when I finally told him he needed to leave. He moved out to his house that he already owned. Started going to church that very Sunday and has been there every Sunday possible since. OH how that annoyed me to have him in MY Sunday school class. Remember I was D O N E done with him. He stopped drinking, started working on fixing up his house and taking his GED classes. He was going to the Y-center and working out everyday. Picking up BOTH boys for visits. Meeting for weekly individual bible studies with our Sunday school teacher. He stopped driving his vehicle, as he had no license because of alcohol offenses, but was still driving anyway. God was working in his life more than I ever thought possible. 

We counciled with our Sunday school teacher to try to be able to get along for our sons sake. I still did not want Lindsey in my life. Then God softened my heart for Lindsey. With in a few months of meeting with our sunday school teacher and his wife Lindsey and I decided God wanted us to get married. 

I am in this for the LONG haul. Things are NOT easy. We both fall back to our ways.  We have counceled with numberous people for help. We have the tools to make things work...but we leave them in the toolshed most of the time! OR we try to use a phillips screw driver on a flat head screw.

I have a tendency to "check out" when things get tough OR to take control when Lindsey needs to be the one to lead. I am getting out my tool bag tonight and I am going to give it my husband to use.

Lord help me be a helpmate to my husband. Help me to be a faithful loving wife.

I will call on the LORD in my storm.  HE can fix it again.

Thank you for sharing in my affliction...Philipians 4:14. Please keep sharing in it and praying for me through it.

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