Monday, December 14, 2009

A little of nothing

Just an ordinary day at my house today.

Some drama. Some cleaning. Don't roll your eyes, I clean something everyday Even if it's only my own butt.

The boys went snowboarding out back for a bit. I told Corey to give the goats some hay before he came in..preferrably BEFORE he hurt himself. He said, "haha funny"

Well last year he did hurt himself snowboarding or was it 2 years ago. He busted off half his front adult tooth when he slipped walking back up the hill. The snow board hit his tooth and broke it. He did not start crying until I told him that the dentist would have to give him a shot to fix it.

Then the kids cleaned the house so they could go to Liela Arborteum to snowboard...bigger hills. Lindsey took the boys and I stayed home with Elaine as she was taking her nap. I milked the goats.

Nothing extraordinary today. Just life. Poor Collin now has a major headache.

I like ordinary days best at this time of the year, when Christmas is so close. So many activites coming up and having already past.

I have done a little bit of my crocheting today too.

I got out of cooking dinner by not doing it. So the family was forced to fend for themselves.

Speaking of cooking, Corey cooked breakfast this morning for everyone that wanted it while I was in the shower. His own doing. He made eggs and toast. It's been awhile since he has cooked so that was nice.

Bored with this so I am done!

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