Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hotel Mohney....

I hope we started a new Christmas tradition last night. My girlfriend Suzie Mohney and I got to together at her house and made Christmas cookies and I stayed the night. Ahhhh, a night without kids. A night without cooking a meal, Suzie cooked me dinner while I started the cookies and she also made breakfast, while I slept in, showered, and facebook'd.

I have so many memories from just that one little night. My van was in the shop on Wednesday the 23rd and I had to wait for Lindsey to get home so he could take me to pick it up. He calls just after 3pm (the time he is supposed to leave work) and says he has a tire to do before he can leave...commence the waiting. He is a fast worker, so he was home around 4pm :)  I loaded all my baking and overnight stuff up and away we go.

While waiting I got on facebook, of course. Suzie popped on and told me her oven was broken! But she was gona make some phone calls and see if she could get a part.  We made alternate plans to make fudge and no bake cookies should a Christmas mircle not be in our cookie making future.

Van pick up went fine and was uneventful. Unless you count that it cost us almost $100 more than I thought they had told me AND they installed a new air conditioner belt when they just reinstalled the almost brand new one just 2 months ago..hmmm.  but back to cookies.

I made it up to Suzies, about an hour drive, without getting lost. Arrived to the smell of chicken cooking in the oven, success! They had been able to get a new element and Zack was able to install it without a problem. Christmas miracle : -)  I unloaded and got to work on mixing up the sugar cookies.

Sugar cookie dough was mixed up in two seperate batches, by me while Suzie made thee most delicious Chicken salad in pita bread I have ever had! yummy! While mixing up the second batch of sugar cookies I realized I was measuring flour with the 1/2 cup, not the 1 cup measuring santa. So, I finished that batch and got the other batch out and added the rest of the flour to it that I was missing because of poor counting/measuring skills.  Somehow still messed something up. The second batch was too flourery, is that a word?  But it worked out ok.

So, with sugar cookie dough chillin in the fridge. And Suzie happily cutting up celery and apples, cooling chicken, and just doing whatever magic she was doing to make yummy dinner. Dishes get washed and the Molasses cookies get started. Since molasses is a slow moving liquid we figured the cookies needed to be made   v e r y   s l o w l y.  I made an excutive decision to make a double batch. Causing us not to have enough molasses. So, being the good husband Zack is, we sent him to the store for molasses. So, I left the molasses cookies hanging out and began making chocolate chip cookies.  Is your head spinning yet from the mulitasking we are doing? hehe.
Zack gets back with the molasses. Suzie has dinner ready so we eat. Dinner is done and we are getting tired. Let the baking began!

Molasses cookies get flour and Suzie whipped up the frosting for the sugar cookies. A buttercream icing tinted red, green, and some left plain white. The first batch of molasses cookies come out. Suzie comments on how they have never been so fluffy before. And they are yummy yummy good! We decided that molasses cookies are best when made s l o w l y .

Suzie became the official hot pan handler and I was the cookie scooper. We make a good team. I finished mixing up the choco chip cookies while molasses cookies baked. Then we baked choco chip cookies and did dishes,  sigh, again. 

Finally time to roll out sugar cookies. Suzie was the official roller and I became the hot pan handler....again a great team! I do not like rolling out cookies :)  Cookies all baked and cooled.

Frosting time, or is it?  For me yes it was. And Suzie did a couple cookies too. Turns out she does not like frosting cookies, as much as I don't like to roll them out. ;)  We are such a good team!

Ran out of frosting around 1 am,  so off to bed I go .

Slept great for 4 hours when a coon showed up on the roof or in the attic being aweful noisy. Freaked me out that it might be in the attic and could get in the house, so I turned on all the lights and went downstairs to ask Suzie about it. Suzie had switched sleeping locations with Zack.  So she was in her bed and he was on the couch.   I left them be. Went back up stairs and seen a baseball bat in the corner and moved it to by the bed should I get any unwanted vistors. Ya, I'm a dork. I went back to sleep with no more to be heard out of the coon and awoke around 11 am.

Suzie had already made muffins and was starting brunch. I showered and then facebook'd while she finished up breakfast. We ate and then I got a call from Lindsey saying Melissa had called him and said that freezing rain was starting and I should get my butt home.  Wasn't doing much of nothing and if I stayed I was sure to get roped into finishing the dishes. So, I had Zack pack up my van and I left Hotel Mohney.

I love sleep overs and have not had one in, wow, probably since sleeping over at Suzies parents house in highschool. Unless you count sleeping over at my sisters 13 years ago for one not very drunken New Years Eve party that was nothing short of a huge fight between my drunken boyfriend and her husband.

I had to come back and edit this...cause it just does not feel complete without adding what I was facebooking here is my facebook status I put up while she was making breakfast.

"I would like to take some time to complain to the hotel management here. Suzie Adrianson Mohney please inform the cook that the lukewarm shower created by her dishwashing while your clientiel was showering was not the utmost of my desired level of expectation. But, also inform the cook that breakfast, um I mean brunch..., smells just delicious.
On another note, the comfort of the bed was just wonderful. As well as the warmth of the blankets.
The 5:30 am wake up call created by the coon on the roof was not so much necessary, but eventful none the less. I was able to get back to sleep though, hence the reason for brunch versus breakfast :) Wuv you honey!"

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