Thursday, April 15, 2010

Patience or lack there of...

So, I decided I wanted to make goats milk lotion. I looked up the how to's online last night. Then went to the library and got some books today. Took the kids to the park and skimmed through the books till I found an "easy" starter lotion. With few ingredients that I figured I could get on the way home by stopping at 2 stores.

I got everything but the beeswax. Which was thee 'binding" agent or what they call the emulsifier to keep the oil and water/milk together.So, I said, "ehh I can use a different emulsifier instead." OF course the store did not have any of the "good" ones on my list. So I settled for coconut oil and a thickening agent, that was not on my list of "acceptable" ingredients either. 

Off I go home to try out MY recipe to make it now resembled NOTHING in the books or things I read online ;) 

Well it smells good and moisturizes. So I would call it lotion. But is thin, greasy, grainy, and looks to have separated out some.  So, I would not call it GOOD lotion.

I have put out a "call" for local beeswax the mean time my lack of patience took over again. I bought a few ounces on ebay.  I will not give up the homemade milk lotion quest till I get a GOOD batch of lotion.

Not only do I lack patience, but I am stubborn too!

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