Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is your sin somehow lesser than mine?

I have been struggling with posting reality. My reality. That somehow my struggles, my issues, are somehow worse than yours. But maybe you silently struggle with sin as well.

"We all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God." Romans 3:23. We are taught this. Do we really believe it?

Why then do I hide my sins? We all sin. I know we are ashamed of it. But also if I admit my sins then won't I have to stop sinning?

I choose everyday to sin. Yes, everyday. Yes, choose!

I have sin in my life that God has convicted me of, time and time again, and I choose to keep sinning. The bible tells me that there is no trouble that I experience that is not known to man. That means that others out there have or are currently struggling with thee same sins I am.

While I do not see a point in wallowing in our sins together, wouldn't being more transparent help us to see we are not alone? That we too will get through this. That we can conquer it.

When you think of sins, what comes to mind? Adultery, anger, lust, selfishness, pornography, forsaking fellowship, murder, greed, over eating, stealing, putting others before God, worry, fear, wasting time, wasting money, ungratefulness,..... the list goes on. What it boils down to is whatever God has laid on your heart that you are doing that is wrong. I have sinned every sin on that list at one point in my life. I am ashamed of that. Some of those sins I have conquered, many I still struggle with.

Does that mean that my sins are worse than yours? If I am dealing with fear and anger, but you struggle with ungratefulness...oh shame on you! NO!!! That is not how it works!

Inspired by MckDaddy who has a much better way with words, so please read his blog too. 


  1. Our God is a God of Justice however he is not a God of compromise. All sin is equal. All sin is worthy of the punishment of permanent separation from that which is Holy. My sin of anger is no better or worse than the sin of murder in the eyes of God. The only advantage I have is that I choose to claim the forgiveness offered by Christ.

    This is a point about one of the problems I see in many "Christian" friends of mine. It is somehow seen as being unChristian to admit to current sin. But we all sin we just try and justify that ours is not as bad as theirs. That is not how God sees it. Only through Christ's sacrifice as a pure and holy offering can we even be allowed into the presence of God.

    Sorry you hit one of my hot buttons.

  2. Sorry? I believe we have discussed this before. I don't know if you misread my meaning here, but we are in agreement.

    Sin is sin is sin. No sin is greater than another. Though at times I wonder about adultery, as it is mentioned so often in the Bible. But I believe that is Satan trying to make me feel less than worthy of God's forgiveness.

    Thank you for comment. I am sorry if my words did not come out how they were met to.