Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Christmas in the mailbox!

I love getting the mail. Everyday actually. Yes, even bills! I know you take the time to smack me next time you see me, I won't mind.

I like getting bills, because then I know where we stand. They need to be paid regardless. We don't have many bills, so I am sure that helps the thought process. Take the mortgage for instance, I open it up and like to see how much of my payment went towards the principal, to see just how far my money is going. I like to see the escrow account grow and notice when the taxes and insurance are paid.  I just like getting bills. Again feel free to smack me.

I actually had two days worth of mail in the box. I can't believe I did not get the mail yesterday, but I know how it happened. I was on the phone (love you Sara) and attempted to walk to the box and the cordless signal would not carry that far. Since I would rather talk to my friend and be there for her, I opted to wait to go get the mail and sat down on the steps in front of the house to talk. Once I was done talking, I forgot I was gona get the mail!

SO, today I got twice the mail. The box honestly could not have handled another piece of mail in it. On top of it being 2 days of mail the Reminder box had the Reminder in and another newspaperey thing. AND I had a newspaperey thing hanging from the mail box too!  So, it was soo like Chiristmas. Today though, I did not get any bills.

In my mail box I got a sample of scope mouthwash, toothpaste, and floss. The tickets for the Celtic Women Concert in November! The Pizza Hut book it program coupons and information! Bethany Children's Services information packet was also amist the wonderful things in my box! 

All I could think of was WOW. All the lovely things I wanted came all at once. I was so excited. I sat down at my dining room table and opened mail for hours..reading the ads in the "newspapers".  I first opened the box with the scope samples. Of course because they are tangible "gifts". Then onto the Celtic Women tickets! YEAH!!! Now if I can only NOT lose them, hehe. 

Then I got the Bethany envelope. I don't think I was prepared for that one. I read everything inside, I cried more than once. Inside they had a magazine of sorts with stories of kids joining their adoptive families. Stories of joy and sorrow. Stories of children who still need homes. Sick kids and healthy kids. Old and young kids. Kids that need love. Kids that don't have samples of scope coming in their mail box! Kids who don't have parents looking for a sitter to watch them while they go to a concert. Kids who don't have the Pizza Hut bookit program. Kids looking for a home. Kids looking for normalacy. Dare I say kids looking for us?!? Just last night I asked Lindsey to pray for what has been laid on my heart. To pray if we should still get licensed for foster care even if we are not getting our great niece and nephew. I asked he pray about wether we should foster children. Please pray with us.

We are still waiting for word on our great niece and nephew being placed with us. Keep praying for us and for them and for their parents.

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