OCC Soap Project

One of the most common ways germs and illness are spread is by touching an infected surface and then touching your face, nose, or mouth.

You can prevent the spread of germs and illness by practicing  proper hygiene. Proper hygiene includes frequent hand washing with soap and clean water. Water by itself will not remove the oils, bacteria and viruses that cause illness. You need soap and water. That's where my passion for soap making can make a difference in a child's life and their families life.

I make soap for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes from donations of fat and money from people just like YOU!  So that others can have access to the life saving properties of soap AND the eternal life that comes from knowing Jesus. Operation Christmas Child sends shoe boxes over seas and to Indian Reservations that are stuffed full of items like soap, washcloths, toothbrushes, school supplies, toys, hard candy, tools, and a booklet about the gospel of Christ in the child's native language!

Most of these children have never been given any sort of gift in their lives! Operation Christmas Child shows them through this gift of a shoe box of goodies that Jesus has an even bigger gift in store for them, eternal life with Him!

Too many children die every year in the developing countries that these shoe boxes go to from preventable illnesses.

Diarrhea and respiratory illnesses are the leading cause of death in children under 5 years old in developing countries.

Access to soap and water reduces the risk of spreading these deadly illness by up to 50%! In some of these countries buying something as simple as soap can cost them a full days wages. As you can see it's important for these children and families to have access to soap!

I can do my part by making soap for these boxes so these children can live a longer, fuller lives on earth by having access to germ killing soap.What a better way to provide them with life giving soap than accompanied with the message of eternal life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?!

My church, Calvary Baptist Church in Pennfield, MI, has a giant annual community wide packing party. We collect items all year long to go into the shoe boxes and pack 1,000's of boxes every year. In 2015 we packed over 14,000 boxes! Each of those boxes contained a 1 oz soap made by me and packaged by my team of volunteers. Pictured below is some of the soap packaging that went on in 2014.

I am currently working on 2016's goal. I received many generous donations that have made it possible to DOUBLE the size of the soap. Double the size means double the amount of soap to be made! PHEW! Lord willing I will have the ability and resources to make 15,000 2 oz bars of soap for 2016's Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.

The defining factors to reach this goal this year are getting enough donations of fat to render into tallow to make into soap and having enough time to do it all.

Will you join me in prayer that I receive enough fat and have enough time meet my goal?!

This project is an ongoing project that I hope will continue for years to come, the only way that is possible is through your prayers and generous donations. $1 will give 25 children life saving soap!

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