Sunday, March 12, 2017

Banana Split Pie, as good as it sounds!

So, I seen a recipe somewhere for Banana Split Pie, but didn't want to google it.  How hard could it be?

I remembered it had some kind of crust, either graham cracker or a baked pie shell. I knew it had bananas. I was pretty sure some of the other stuff, but I was feeling creative and wanted to use mostly what I had on hand.  So here it goes, my version of Banana Split Pie. It's easy to adjust for what YOU have on hand, too!

Banana Split Pie

1 - 9" pie crust pre-baked according to recipe or package directions or use a graham cracker crust
1 box of banana pudding mix (use another flavor if that's what you have, who cares?! it will still be yum!)
1 cup of milk
1 - 8 oz container of thawed whip topping
2 bananas
1/2 a lb of strawberries
1/4 cup of mini chocolate chips

While baking your pie crust slice bananas and strawberries into bit sized pieces.
Open bag of mini chocolate chips and eat some. Try not to get caught or you're destined have to share them.

When the crust is done baking it needs to cool completely. This was quite possibly thee. single. most. longest. part. I'm not a good waiter.  I put mine outside where it was 22* F and it still took longer than I wished to wait.

While the crust is cooling mix your cup of milk (or so...) with your pudding mix. I just dumped the package of pudding mix in a mason jar and added milk to the 1.5 cups line on the mason jar. Put the lid and shook it.  Then I went back outside to see if the crust was cool. Not yet. humph.

Then I scrapped the jar out into a bowl (why didn't I just use a bowl in the first place and a mixer? I don't know...)  and added 3/4 of the bowl of whipped topping and stirred slowly to combine.

Once the crust is completely cooled put about half of the whipped topping and pudding mixture in the bottom of the crust.
Now put the banana sliced into the pudding. I got fancy and stood them on end instead of laying them down. Fine I did that to be lazy later and hoped it would cut easier with the slices standing up. Plus I could get more slices in the pie! I love bananas.
Put the rest of the pudding on top of the banana slices and smooth it out to edges. 
Top with the remaining whipped topping.
Push strawberry slices into the cool whip. Again I stuck them in upright, for the same reasons I did the banana slices. (see pic)

Sprinkle with chocolate chips. I didn't measure. I'm guessing I used about 1/4 cup.

I didn't have those cherries that go on top of banana splits and fancy milk shakes, nor can I figure out how to spell the name of those cherries.... but that would be a yummy addition.

Nuts? Sure, why not?

So there ya go! Easily customizable. Banana Split Pie.  

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