Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blogging, life and a pole barn!

While my total blog views over all clicked past 10,000 this past month, my views this month have tanked.

I'm lacking time and effort into this whee little blog. Sorry.

I would like to say it will get better, but it won't anytime soon.

I'm going to the INCH homeschool conference this coming weekend.

After FIVE long years of saving we finally had enough money to purchase a pole barn! We did not, however, have enough money to pay for labor. So, that means our summer will be spent building the pole barn! Along with of our most loving and generous friends.

We had the land cleared last week. Holes drilled in the ground for the poles to go in yesterday. That part was worth higher out. We had access to a dirt cheap (pun intended) Bobcat owner with a post hole digger attachment. $160 for all 25 holes drilled AND the 40X40 plot cleared. You can usually expect to pay $20 per hole drilled! We are so blessed.

Today we had 6 of those loving generous friends over and put up all but one pole for the main pole building. We were short one pole, but I'll just give a shout out to Delton Pole Building on Monday and we will no longer be short a pole.  They are wonderful people to work with. They take customer service to new heights. 

We also have 7 more poles for a lean to that need to go in the ground.

Over the next 2 weeks we hope to get all the horizontal boards boards on the poles. Then give another humbling shout out to our dear generous friends and put up the trusses. Then roofing, siding, doors...etc...

What an adventure!

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