Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I sign up for e-mail newsletters. More than I can possibly read. I just delete most of them. Usually I end up unsubscribing after a few months of just deleting them.

I've found a new one, that I will tell you more about in another post.   I've actually read some of them. I file most of them away in a folder I've made in my email specifically just for this one newsletter. Never done that before.

Anyway,  my point is..

I get this newsletter today and I actually read it (I usually just file them into a folder in my email, remember, helpful right?! LOL)
Anyway it talks about your "critical voice" the voice in your head that tears you down...says your fat, can't do this or that...etc.. and how to overcome it.
But the part that got me is the thought that if some stranger came up to me and said these things that I think to me, I would think they were mentally ill or really rude, to say the least. I might even be a bit scared of them and either punch them in the face or run the other way.
So, why do I allow myself to be rude to me?
"How rude!"
I had never thunk of it that way before.
I am worth more than my rude way of self talk... I mean for pete's sake...God sent His one and only son to die for ME...even if I was the only one who ever accepted His gift of salvation He would of done it all over again. He loves me that much, why don't I love me half that much?!

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