Monday, July 9, 2012

Milkshakes and death

Flash back to May of 2004
Lindsey had just left for softball, game. The kids and I were just starting to make milkshakes.
Lindsey sister called me and told me his mom was not doing good and was gonna die and to bring Lindsey right away. She overdosed at home. She died before we got there.
BUT I put the ice cream back in freezer and took the kids to a friends house and picked up Lindsey from softball. Had to tell my dear husband that his mother was dieing when I rushed into his game, just before it started. 2nd hardest thing I ever told him.
Kids didn't know their paternal Grandma that well, and they were young. Elaine was under a year old. She had seen her one time. Mother's day we took her over to see her. Elaine was born in February. His mom died in May.
I dropped the boys off at a friends. They were upset that we couldn't have milk shakes and they couldn't go with us. So, I promised them they could have milkshakes for breakfast. I must of took Elaine with us, but I dont' remember her going with us. I bet I picked up Lindsey then dropped the boys off. So the boys could sit in the car with her while I ran into the ball field. I don't remember carrying her into the ball field. I was I am certain I didn't leave her with my friend.
That started the tradition of milkshakes for breakfast after someone dies. As long as we have ice cream and milk or can make it...we have gone and bought them at McD's before, too.
Call me crazy. I figure it's good to have something to look forward to after a sad night.
Tomorrow morning I will be making Milkshakes for breakfast. My Paternal Grandmother died this morning. A tradition that started with their paternal Grandma dieing has never saddened me like it is tonight. 
My Grandma. Photo taken by my sister, Melissa. Who had this to say about her, "She never liked her picture being taken. You normally had to do it when she didn't realize you were taking it. This was taken last summer at Adam and Kady's wedding. Such a sad day for so many in our family. Grandma went through the pain of losing one of her sons to suicide and now she too has ended her life this way :( I hope to never understand the desperation or low that someone must feel to come to this point in their life. Sending my love and support to everyone in the family. RIP Grandma."
For those of you that don't know, the son of hers that took his own life... was my dad.

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