Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to get a new toilet, I hope.

Step 1. Buy crappy handle that keeps falling off, to replace the old one that broke off.
Step 2. Since the handle keeps coming off you have to lift lid off the tank to flush the toilet.
Step 3. Have child lift tank lid to flush toilet and drop lid into toilet tank.
Step 4. Have husband tell you that the seal is broke from said child dropping the lid into the tank.
Step 5. Go to investigate and clean up water. Find that the toilet tank is cracked from the dropped lid.
Step 6. Use a bucket of water to flush toilet until I have time to go buy a toilet and install it myself :-)

You see we have too much to do right now to get ready for the county fair. I am staying home from fair to take care of the goats, so I will probably be playing plumber as well. Not like I have not removed and installed a toilet before! Just was not planning on having my alone time spent on plumping projects.
What I really wanted to do was clean house Guess I can install a toilet naked to make up for it...ehh? I think NOT.

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