Sunday, January 12, 2014

Soap For Operation Christmas Child

Have you seen what I've been dreaming of?

Soap, of course! But more than that, soap for Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes.

You can learn more about what I hope to accomplish and how YOU can help on the newest blog page titled OCC Fundraiser.  You can access that page by clicking on that link <<<. Or clicking on the tab at the top of this page that says "OCC Fundraiser".

Above all I could use your prayers. With out God in this it will never happen. I need to get the funds in a short period of time to accomplish big things. I anticipate being able to make 500 bars of soap a month. To make 3,000 bars that will take 6 months. I need the soap to be ready by the first week in November. If you do the math that means I need the money to buy the all the oils needed and have them shipped to me by the end of February so I can get started in March.  I will be buying the oils in bulk all at once, in order to make the most soap.

End of February?! What was *I* thinking?! I AM thinking that our God is big enough.


  1. What an awesome project for such a worthy cause. Amazing HOW MANY of those needy children find a bar of soap more exciting than some of our American children do over techy in their lives!! Thank you for deciding to make this a project. I will be glad to help you by spreading the word and kicking in a few buckeroos too. God bless you and meet the's all for HIS glory!

    1. Marsha,
      Thank you so much! Please be in prayer, God is good!