Thursday, September 12, 2013

Phillipians 4:14

I started out feeling discouraged this morning.

Monday we got about 4-6 inches of rain in less than a hour, maybe even less than a half hour. I wasn't home, but I was gone for a about an hour. We came home to a trench washed out in our driveway and our roof developed a leak!!!

When we entered our home from our walk out basement there was a puddle of water on the floor, in the basement? Where is this from? Why?

Upon first inspecting the problem we thought our old dog had peed on the floor above and it ran down into the basement. So we moved on with life. A few hours later I noticed the ceiling was sagging in the kitchen over the fridge. I pushed on it and sure enough, it was soft and wet. Oh boy!

I put a quick call into my insurance agent to start the claims process. They told me to get an estimate for the damages. So I called a couple roofers. Got the news that I need a completely new roof. We have the insurance adjuster coming out on Friday and they will decide what, if anything, will be covered by them.

I'm praying and trusting God through this, but it isn't easy for this control freak to do that~!

I was feeling so discouraged, we are already robbing Peter to pay Paul to get our 1/2 cow this year, but we can't afford to not get the cow this way. If we had to go to the store to buy meat it would cost us sooo much more in the long run. So, this money really does have to come to us from God. We can cash out our IRA's there is almost enough in them to cover the cost of the roof. If that is what God directs us to do.

When I told my friend just how much our deductible is for our insurance she replied, "oh yeah never mind. That's too much. God can't possibly do that!" I laughed and was reminded by her sarcasm just how big our God is!

I already see God working in this. Preparing us for it, if you will. I have been canning like crazy this year, even though we didn't even put in a garden this spring. And my 100+ tomato seedlings turned into less than 10 plants! Our God is bigger than that!  Our 9 apple trees are overloaded with apples. So, I've done apple sauce. A friend invited me to pick beans with her. I put up 21 pints of beans from that FREE adventure! That same friend gave me about a bushel and a half of tomatoes. 16 quarts worth plus some sauce I'm boiling down overnight. Another friend gave me a 1/2 bushel of tomatoes, I turned that into 8 quarts and a meal of goulash. I have pears coming from another friend at the end of the week or so. They graciously give me their extra pears year after year. I am so blessed!

Here is where I need YOUR help. Help me show my problems just how big our God is!

I'm having a soap sale to help fund our roof project. Offer expires 9/30/2013. Buy 2 get one of equal or lesser value free! Make sure to email me your free bar choice, do not add it to your cart.  I know God can provide enough buyers to completely sell me out, if that is His will, with out even saying a word about it. He's that BIG. I know He could also provide the money from some other avenue. But I also know that God calls us to help one another to be proactive and be the hands and feet of Jesus.

My favorite verses is found immediately after a more well known verse in the Bible. The well known verse is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

I feel many of us forget the verse that follows it. I know I do that is why I have made it my favorite and memorized it.

"Nevertheless, you have done well to share with me in my affliction." Philippians 4:14

This verse reminds me that we are to help each other in times of need. It helps remind me to take a meal to family who just had a baby or illness. It helps remind me to help clean a friends house, with out being asked, in times of stress. It helps remind me to call a friend when they are having a difficult day to cheer them up. It reminds me to slow down and spend time with the ones I love and the ones that love me.  It reminds me to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Can you help me spread the word about this sale? Pin my page, share on Facebook, tweet about me, or email your friends? Maybe even buy a couple bars?

Help me show my problem just how big our God is! Thank you in advance.

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