Friday, August 9, 2013


Well last year we had  drought around here. I whined.

I whined about rising feed costs. I whined about the dry heat. I whined about the drought.

This year we have had plenty of rain. Making plenty to whine about.

I whine about the cost of hay. Can't make hay in the rain, it needs to be dry! I whine about the mosquitoes. I whine about the muddy goat stalls.

And now, NOW, I whine about HOOF ROT! ugh. My girls got a mild case of hoof rot started the last time hoofs were trimmed. Got it all cut off and cleaned up. Thought that was it. NOPE. It's back, with vengeance.

What hoof rot does to a goats hoof is to separate the outer hard part from the inner soft part. It's a bacterial infection that breeds and takes root easily in, you guessed it, WET conditions.

So the whining continues.


  1. Tashana Murray MisnerAugust 9, 2013 at 5:20 PM

    Praying for the girls, and their hooves to heal quickly!

    1. Thanks, Tashana! I think I caught it "soon enough" that it should go away quickly. 2 of the 12 hooves I checked today were the yuckiest with hard to cut away parts. The other 10 hooves look pretty decent. I have 12 DIFFERENT hooves to check in the morning along with the reapplying meds and rechecking the first 12. I just couldn't do the first really tough check on all of them in one night. Especially with a migraine. :/ I'm starting to feel better now, but a good nights sleep should fix the rest of this migraine. :)
      Thanks again!