Saturday, June 23, 2012

Milk Maiden in the Making

My 7 year old daughter, Elaine, decided she wants to learn to milk the goats. She is excited about it, too! That makes for one happy Momma!

She woke me up this morning to go out milk goats. She didn't want to miss doing it. She milked last night (1 goat) and this morning (all four). She milks them until their grain is gone and then I finish them off. She is working on aim, speed, and endurance. So she can milk them all the way through before they are done with their grain.

She is excited about milking them again tonight. When she was done this morning and stretching her sore kinked up hand she said, "I can't wait till tonight, so I can milk goats again!" What a trooper!

I think it is because of the recent tour of the farm that we gave a group of Girl scouts. Elaine wants to be in Girl scouts can you tell? She is the girl trying to steal the shot, front right.

They got to milk the goats.

Feed baby goats. Elaine was one of our tour guides. Helping at the baby goat feeding "station".

Make ice cream. And look she showed up at the ice cream making, too!

And do a goat mask craft that their leader had prepared for them.

She did make her own goat mask, after the Girl Scouts left. Their wonderful leader let her have supplies to make one with. It made her day.


  1. If you have a solution for a "kicky" goat, I would love to know it. (Don't say hobbles. She FREAKS out and bucks around when I try to put them on.)

  2. Smockity, I am working on addressing your question in a new post. Hoping it will be up later tonight. So look for it then. I'm sure I will share it on your fb wall as well. :)