Friday, August 12, 2011

Projects Galore

So, today I decided to work on some projects from my "fix it" drawer.

First, Elaine, my daughter, had ripped the strap off her AWANA sparks bag. She ripped it over 2 years ago and our church no longer has a Sparks program, but hey her bag is fix!

Second, Elaine made a pillow in Sunday school a few weeks ago. It was a tube of fabric stuffed with fluff and tied the ends close with ribbon. The ribbon kept coming off, so Elaine unstuffed it turned it inside out and we stitched up the ends. Turned it again and restuffed it. Added some extra stuffing I had lying around to fill in the corners we created. Then closed the ends.

Now the one I am most excited about. About 3 or 4 years ago I had received a blue velvety dress in some hand me downs. The seam under the chest was coming loose. Elaine was obsessed with her belly button and would lift her dresses to get at it. She still does some days. She is six years old! Anyway, I had cut the dress at the seam and made the bottom into a skirt. Then put the top into the fix it drawer.


I  had kept the top of the dress just cause I have a hard time throwing a way a useful piece of fabric. Elaine wore the top around the house while I did the other projects. So, I decided to make the top into a shrug.

Thee best part of projects getting done? My daughter helping. :) She pushed the foot pedal for the sewing maching, unstuffed and stuffed the pillow, and removed pins. It was great!

Here is the end result.

OH wait that is my teenager going out to feed the calf. Why the helmet you ask? Cause he is a goof. He decided it would protect him from the calf bucking the bottle into his face! lol Inventive, huh?

Ok here is the real picture :)

And the modeled finished project. With the skirt that I had made out of the same dress over 3 years ago.

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