Monday, May 30, 2011

Love is...

Letting me put my cold feet on you, but you better NEVER try to put your cold feet on me.

Cuddling with me to warm me up on our camping trip in September. Then going to your cold side of the camper because you know I can't sleep with someone near me. Every. Single. Night.

Seeing you cry when the cat died.

Moving us out to the country, so I could have my little farm.

You never ask me, "So, What did you do all day?" Exspecially when I haven't showered, the house is a wreck, and I haven't even thought about dinner. Never.

Trusting me, when I feel so undeserving of your trust.

Never having a shut off notice because you are a wonderful provider and hard worker.

Getting my cat from outside in the window well in the middle of a tornado warning.

Sitting in the van with 4 kids while I run in the store for "just a few things". We all know I come out with a cart full. And your hardly ever rattled because it took too long.

Missing you even when we are in the same room.

Scared to let myself love you so much that I would hurt, that I pick at your faults. And you time and time again forgive me and continue to love me so much it hurts.

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