Monday, May 17, 2010

Waste not, want not

So, I put that cake from last week into the freezer with plans for it. I had a party this Saturday at my house with a spring/summer feel. Here is what I turned that "ruined" cake into.

This was my first attempt at Fondant people. I had an awesome time creating this guy. I love cute and whimsical and LOVE LOVE taking something "ruined" and turning into something wonderful!

We had a very blessed time at the party, too. It was a Bic houseparty party. I LOVE House Party. This was our (me and my sisters) 3rd time hosting a houseparty party. She has already been selected for another for next month! We are hosting that one at my home as well, I have a bigger kitchen and its a canning party!! I am soo excited.

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